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""WHITE-ISH is a tremendous satire with heart and surprise. Deidre Staple's writing enthrals with expert humor and an emotional core of identity. An excellent play." 

-Heather Meyer on White-ish

White-ish (800x450).jpg

"...This was a chilling piece! A hilarious spin on the deepest delicacies in the black community..."

-Jasmine Ellis on White-ish

"It was so well written."

-Daisean Garrett on White-ish

Production History

Howard University, May 2017

Atlas Intersections Festival, February 2020

Aurora Theater, September 2020

Nu Sass Productions, October 2020


Dotty is black. Dotty discovers she wants to be white. WHITE-ISH takes on a black girl's comical journey of identity and acceptance through a panhandling street kid, a black revolutionary, and sorority girls. 

Click HERE to read the script. 

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